Value | Commercial | Access

Expert Market Access strategy & evidence planning

Value Creation

Make the right scientific and commercial choices from the start of development based on solid insights and optimisation of a reimbursable product profile.

  • Environment & market understanding
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Strategic positioning, asset strategy, early commercial planning
  • Business model & portfolio

Value to Price

In the era of value-based pricing, Health Technology Assessment and growing healthcare budget pressure, your key to optimal price and broad access lies in value demonstration. Get ready to prepare for evidence generation, reimbursement processes and pricing.

  • Access pathways & stakeholders
  • Payer & HTA value drivers
  • Pricing mechanisms
  • Evidence generation planning & value demonstration

Talking Value

Fact : people are not good at communicating scientific concepts, data or complex ideas.

  • Present your commercial and access plan to create confidence and stakeholder buy-in
  • Company presentations
  • Investor decks
  • Value story

How Apersy support you


Value, access, pricing and reimbursement projects

Got a project idea or RFP for your product value development, reimbursement or market access?

Value & Access research, strategy, positioning, evidence planning, international healthcare systems, …



Training seminars & workshops: Value creation, Access activity planning, pricing and reimbursement , commercial plans in investor decks, …

Tailored mentoring


Market Access function

Market Access function building

RFP writing and Market Access vendor selection

Market access project management,

Interim & freelance support.


Expert opinion
and on-demand support

Reviews and second opinions

Sense checks

Specific questions and mini-projects